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Zapier integration#51


Integrating with Zapie would it make possible to connect with thousands of additional services without having to integrate bilaterally again and again.

a year ago

Yes, Zapier is a well known IT Service who should be supported with at least a few API commands

a year ago

Same, many online bank offer services to automate, linked with other services.
Is-it a treezor implementation of a Finom implementation?

10 months ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago

Yes, new transaction > create invoice payment - thanks! 👍🏻

8 months ago

To Ivo and the dev team: is there any timeline to this? I´d like to trigger invoices based on ecommerce orders through my Zapier Account. That would be really a mindblowing feature to have! I saw there is an API that can do that but I´m not sure how to implement that in Zapier. If you can help with a Zapier template to trigger invoices with the Finom API in the meantime - that would be really great. Thanks in advance for your fantastic work. Best Regards - Anna

4 months ago

Hi Anna, indeed! You are absolutely right and we will set the template in the near future, hopefully this quarter. Thank you for your proposals and ideas, that helps our product to grow!

4 months ago